It's all about Faith, Family, Love, and...

The backbone of Moto Food Truck is the paratha. The catalyst for opening our business, in fact, was falling in love with this Indian flatbread. 


We come from a family of avid eaters with a particular fondness for all things bread. Our various experiments in bread-making over the years eventually led us to the paratha, pretty much an instant favorite. A layered bread with a crispy, croissant-like texture, sampling the paratha was different from any culinary experience we’d ever had. Right away, we knew we had to do something with it.  

We shared the recipe with our niece, Laura, who was equally eager to harness the potential of this bread. It had been long standing dream of ours to open a food truck. Now we had finally found a cuisine worth going into business over.

Our Paratha Tacos

The paratha is what allows us to serve gourmet, made-to-order fusion food. Our tacos replace the run-of-the-mill tortilla with a freshly baked paratha, resulting in a unique culinary experience you can’t get elsewhere. 


Our parathas cradle a wide variety of gourmet ingredients. From beef brisket to marinated tofu to seasonal items like blue crab in the fall and a chocolate paratha roll in the spring, we truly take pride in showing our customers everything you can do with our favorite flatbread. Stop by anytime and let us introduce you to the paratha.